Why Select RMM & Associates

Relevant Experience

RMM & Associates is a highly qualified, experienced and objective third party whose consultants have succeeded in various senior IT roles including: COO, President, Office of The President, Vice President of Sales for The Americas, Vice President of Sales, Region Manager and National Sales Training Director. As such, we will bring added perspectives, insights and capabilities from having succeeded in those senior roles and from having managed the many departments and "internal" jobs within those departments.

Discretion and Confidentiality

Often the need for confidentiality is high enough that companies are limited in their ability to source or approach candidates on their own, especially when candidates to be replaced are still in their roles. RMM & Associates can absorb the political and internal pressures that might arise, as well as maintain discretion within the client organization and in the outside market.


We place high value on creating organizations and workforces that are culturally diverse, equitable and inclusive where individuals can be authentic, individually working at their best and being participative with their colleagues and leaders.

Active and Passive Job Seekers

Online job sites and bulletin board postings mostly attract people who are actively looking for work…no matter how they have become active job seekers. According to the Department of Labor, those people who are actively looking for work comprise only 16% of the workforce. The remaining 84% of the professional workforce may contain the talent you are looking for.

Qualified and Vetted Candidates

We will develop a list of qualified job candidates by sourcing and vetting those who are not looking for a new role, as well as those who may be actively looking. As such, we will provide a list of handpicked and vetted job candidates.

Navigating All Stages of the Hiring Process

RMM & Associates will handle all aspects of the search processes, logistics and manage client and candidate concerns throughout the process. And, we will assist with the difficulties and complexities that arise during the job offer, salary negotiations and reference stages.